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The Public Procurement Act 2006 in Bangladesh (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Act’) along with the Public Procurement Rules 2008 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Regulations’) guides us along the lines for the procedures that needs to be followed during the procurement process which ensures transparency and accountability in the procurement process of goods, works or services involving public funds under Public Procurement in Bangladesh. But the Act also provides that if there are specific rules and clauses enshrined in a given agreement, then the agreement shall prevail over the Act.

This practice is one of the business cards of the BDLC Legal & Associates. Our experts have many years of experience working in state and municipal structures responsible for property management.

The experience gained by our experts is unprecedented for the Bangladeshn legal market. We have unique experience in preventing the bankruptcy of strategic enterprises and in supporting the “new wave” privatization projects, We have special experience in such areas as civil aviation, railway transport, science and education, postal services and communications.

We deal with issues of judicial protection of the interests of strategic organizations, unitary enterprises, entities of natural monopolies and joint-stock companies with state participation. Our experts successfully represented the interests of the state in the most resonant cases of counteracting raider attempts to seize enterprises with critical technologies. T

In addition to representing the interests of the state, we advise and defend the legitimate interests of the private sector in matters related to the privatization of property, state and municipal procurements and investment agreements. The BDLC Legal & Associates’s specialists have gained extensive practical experience in resolving conflicts with public authorities on asset management, including investment projects in the construction of housing and commercial real estate on state-owned land plots. The BDLC Legal & Associates has a number of concluded amicable agreements and agreements on the settlement of disputes between investors and public authorities.

We advise, represent the interests of principals and participate in legislative work in the field of procurement. So, we advise in relation to the regulation of procurement activities, we assist the Clients to develop procurement regulations and represent their interests in the antitrust authorities on issues of contesting the results of tenders.

In cooperation with experts of the BDLC Legal & Associates in the field of real estate, corporate, tax and labor law, as well as dispute resolution, we provide comprehensive legal support to the Principal in solving their strategic problems.

Legal assistance
We provide legal assistance in such matters as:

advising on all legal issues of privatization of public property, including issues of preparing an enterprise for privatization, organizing and supporting the privatization process, as well as private sector participation in privatization transactions;
structuring and support of transactions with state and municipal assets and blocks of shares, joint projects with state corporations;
support of transactions on granting ownership or lease of land owned by state or municipal property, including limited in circulation;
advising on various issues related to the alienation and other involvement in the economic turnover of publicly owned objects, including the implementation of investment projects with the participation of public law entities, market valuation of assets, preparation of legal due diligence in relation to previously privatized and other property;
support of the development, discussion, conclusion and execution of investment agreements with the participation of the state, settlement of disputes with authorities of Dhaka chittagong and other constituent entities of the Bangladesh
advising unitary enterprises and institutions on issues including property management, the use of budget funds, etc .;
advising state corporations and joint-stock companies with direct state participation on the implementation of shareholder rights, improving corporate governance, restructuring and liquidation of companies, etc.;
representation of interests of companies with state participation, unitary enterprises, state institutions during inspections by state authorities;
consulting in the field of state and municipal procurement, development of procurement regulations for companies with state participation;
Representation of clients’ interests in state bodies and judicial instances, including in connection with contesting the results of tenders.

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  • General Power of Attorney
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  • Baina Deed
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