BDLClegal International Trade and Customs Legal consulting law firm Bangladesh

International Trade and Customs Legal consulting law firm Bangladesh

The practice of international trade and customs law inherits the rich traditions of the international law firm BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm and has years of experience advising on intergovernmental trade agreements and customs matters.

We advise participants in foreign economic activity on issues of interaction with customs authorities, development of strategies for organizing the import of goods for domestic consumption, export, processing, temporary importation, as well as other customs procedures, taking into account the application of customs clearance benefits, control, and payment of customs payments. Considering our reputation in the market, including based on the successful representation of Bank. we are often contacted regarding issues of representing interests in disputes with customs authorities.

Legal assistance:
We advise on such issues as:
anti-dumping and countervailing investigations and protective measures;
risk assessment of an anti-dumping investigation against customer goods in foreign jurisdictions;
representing clients in anti-dumping and defense investigations abroad, exempting client products from anti-dumping duties, challenging the results of trade investigations in administrative and judicial procedures;
development of global customs strategies, including product classification, determination of customs value, prevention of violations of customs rules and procedures, consideration of issues regarding the country of origin;
development of customs strategies for companies doing business within the borders of the Eurasian Economic Union, including branches and representative offices of companies incorporated in countries outside the Bangladesh.
verification of compliance of trade operations with international principles and regulations, including export (re-export) control and trade sanctions;
analysis and advice on WTO agreements, multilateral and bilateral agreements, including analysis of antitrust strategies, as well as recommendations on issues of WTO accession;
development of schemes of exclusive distribution agreements in the context of issues, “parallel import”, antitrust requirements, etc.

BDLC Associates Services:


Tax Advisory:

Intellectual Property:

Foreign Entity:


Dispute Resolution:

Transactions and Financing:

Industry issues:

Entity Formation:


Regulatory issues:

Private clients:

Deed Writing:

  • Conveyance/Sale Deed
  • Deed of Heba
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Irrevocable Power of Attorney
  • Cancellation Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Agreement
  • Baina Deed
  • Partition-Instrument/ Deed of Partition
  • Deed of Partnership

Withdrawal Docs:

  • Baya Deed
  • Porcha
  • Map
  • NOC


  • Land Mutation
  • Rajuk Mutation
  • City Corporation Mutation

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