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Administrative Law, Lawyer and Lawmaking legal service Dhaka in Bangladesh

The practice of administrative law and lawmaking specializes in advising clients on issues related to the exercise of control powers and the provision of public services by state authorities. Another area of ​​specialization is issues related to the development, passage and adoption of regulatory legal acts, both at the legislative and departmental levels.

Taking into account the requirements of the time, within the framework of our practice, a team has been allocated to regulate the digital economy. The team consists of experts, each of whom has more than a decade of experience in lawmaking, IT, automation and regulation of digital markets. Our experts participate in all key working groups dealing with issues of legal regulation and enforcement in digital markets, take part in the preparation of bills that will determine the development of the digital economy, and deal with issues of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The practice brings together specialists with significant experience in the civil service in the units responsible for state control, representing the state in administrative disputes, as well as preparing departmental acts and legal support for the current activities of executive bodies.

Conducting projects to support normative acts usually includes not only expert work in close collaboration with leading scientific centers of the country, but also the use of professional legislative techniques that make the document understandable for lawmakers and law enforcement. Knowledge of the internal regulations of the work of public authorities and decision-making mechanisms allows us to achieve results even in the face of a clash around the draft act of many political and economic interests.

The practice includes practicing experts in conducting anti-corruption expertise of normative acts, accredited by the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

Legal assistance:

We provide legal assistance in such matters as:

development of concepts and draft normative legal acts (laws and by-laws), representing interests at all stages of the legislative process;
legal support for amendments to draft laws introduced by the Bangladesh.
advising on issues related to the repeal or amendment of by-laws (decrees, decisions, orders, etc.) out of court;
advising government agencies and other recipients of budget funds on the budget process;
advising on issues related to the contest of normative and non-normative legal acts, illegal decisions and actions (inaction) of state authorities, local authorities and officials (including the development of a legal position and representation in courts);
advising on licensing issues, registration of permits;
representation of the interests of principals in the course of inspections by state authorities;
representation of interests of principals during judicial and extrajudicial consideration of cases of an administrative offense;
lawmaking, development of recommendations, monitoring and analysis of international practices in the field of regulation of the digital economy;
assistance in the formation of a Legal Tech organization, including an independent legal examination of bot algorithms in areas such as the preparation of smart contracts, preparation of legal documents, verification of contractors and the documents they provide;
advising on related civil, tax and criminal law relations in the use, storage, transfer of intellectual property, personal data, cryptographic protection of information.

In the field of administrative law, the BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm’s staff has gained experience both in terms of procedures for the provision of services by state bodies (licensing, issuing permits) and conducting inspections (product and production safety, state and defense orders, the use of budget funds), and with respect to the industry specifics of clients (pharmaceuticals, medical products, subsoil use, the operation of hazardous facilities, jewelry manufacturing, trade, construction, the provision of services in the field of mass communications, trans port, certification, education, etc.).

Employees of the practice have considerable experience in the conceptual development of draft legislative decisions, writing and drafting texts of regulatory acts, supporting draft regulatory acts at the stage of their coordination with interested structures and departments (“zero reading”), as well as experience in participating in the work of the State Duma at various stages of the legislative procedures

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