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Lawyers of our BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm have extensive experience working with transnational corporations and domestic companies in all areas of labor law and in the field of migration law.

The employment & labour legal services in Bangladesh is an over going concern. Related laws are governed by the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006, Bangladesh Labour (Amendment) Act 2010 and Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015 for mostly all companies except the companies operating in the Economic Zones in Bangladesh as separate rules are mostly applicable.

The Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) is a department under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. This department is responsible for ensuring welfare, safety and health of valuable human resources working in various sectors contributing national development. By enforcing labour laws of the country, the department has been leading the nation in creating a safe and healthy work culture and improving the quality of wage earner. The DIFE is no longer considered a mere labour law enforcement agency, it provides information and advice to employers and workers concerning the most effective means of complying with the legal provisions.

We are distinguished by a commercial vision of the issue, an understanding of the characteristics of the customers’ business and a focus on results. We practice a comprehensive approach to solving problems, based on a thorough knowledge of the theory and extensive experience in successfully resolving labor disputes.

Our experts regularly advise company management on the structuring of labor relations with foreign citizens, take part in preparing long-term incentive programs for employees, and also provide comments on the application of global option contracts taking into account the requirements of the laws of Bangladesh.

The BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm provides legal assistance in optimizing the number of employees, resolves complex issues that arise for employers when changing and terminating an employment contract, audits documents on personnel and represents the interests of companies during inspections by state labor inspectors, employment services and migration authorities.

Employment & Industrial Relationships | Employment and Labour Legal Services in Bangladesh
Appointment/Offer letters, Termination practices.

Compliance with the regulatory authority (Office of Inspector General of the Department of Factories and Establishment).

We have significant experience in working with trade union organizations, we advise the employer in collective bargaining and disputes.

Of particular note is the experience of our lawyers in the field of resolving individual labor disputes and pre-trial settlement of conflicts.

Legal assistance:

The bdlclegal and associates offers a full range of legal support:

Employee Salary and Benefits/Stock Option Plan.

Employee Handbook/HR Policy.

Labour Compliance.

Migration, Emigration/Work Permit of Employees.

Country specific employment relation.

Provident fund and gratuity.

Labour tribunal.

Negotiation with the labor union/ employer or employees representatives.

conducting a comprehensive verification of documents for compliance with labor and migration law;
editing personnel documents in accordance with the requirements of national legislation;
preparation of labor agreements (contracts), amendments to them, as well as agreements on the termination of labor relations, including all related documentation (including corporate decisions, where applicable);
changes in the material conditions of employment contracts by decision of the employer in connection with organizational or technological changes;
negotiations with primary trade union organizations in the interests of the employer, the settlement of collective labor disputes;
accompaniment of labor disputes and counseling on compliance by employees with labor discipline;
preparation of agreements on the protection of personal data and other documents, including agreements on the cross-border transfer of personal data and the processing of personal data by third parties, as well as issues of compliance of documentation with legislation on the protection of personal data;
advice on all matters of regulation of labor protection, including the settlement of issues of industrial accidents;
preparation of long-term incentive programs for top management, implementation of international incentive systems and option plans, taking into account the requirements of national legislation;
preparing a package of documents for obtaining permits for the employment of foreign citizens, representing the applicant in the employment service;
advising on immigration laws of foreign countries;
obtaining a second citizenship / residence, including through investment;
Accompanying the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in foreign jurisdictions.

“The strong point of the team is litigation – lawyers are always able to resolve difficult situations very effectively”

“An integrated approach to solving non-standard tasks and an excellent understanding of the goals, strategies and business needs of the client”

“We value the quality and speed of the reaction. The team always offers several creative solutions describing the risks of each of them ”

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