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Accounting Services

We know all about this. For years we have been continuously improving, accumulating knowledge and experience, increasing our professionalism. We provide not just services, but we adapt the methodology of accounting, create and offer solutions to emerging problems, providing a high level of service that meets expectations. In our work we follow an individual approach to each client and to each of our employees, we believe in common success, appreciate and look forward to a long-term business relationship.

We develop and grow together with our customers who work in different sectors of the economy: wholesale and retail trade, services, construction and real estate operations, industrial production, etc. We understand and allocate their needs and it is important for us that due to our relations they feel confident.


In our aspirations we are guided by our fundamental values:
Simplicity – We are proud that our activities are rational and effective, we are easy to conduct business with us;
Service – We adhere to high standards of quality of service for our customers and understand that the quality of each of us has value;
Teamwork – Mutual understanding, respect and partnership in teamwork. Together we will achieve greater success;
Responsibility – We are trusted, because we fulfill our obligations.


We strive to become the leaders of opinions, to have a high reputation in the market and to become the most popular brand in the field of accounting functions outsourcing.

We see ourselves as a company that opens new innovative opportunities and brings changes closer. A company that provides services that create even greater potential, a new value for our customers and make their economic relations in business even more effective.

We see ourselves as a company that combines cutting-edge specialized knowledge with the innovation and productivity of our employees for a stable and balanced structural growth based on common benefits, increased productivity and the dissemination of knowledge.

We see ourselves as a company aimed at continuous development, training and improvement. We inherent introspection, we show breakthrough creative thinking and support each other in everything.

Our leaders – our mentors, serve, involve and inspire us to achieve a single, even more ambitious goal.

We consist of a network of strong ties of people, teams, our external partners. We are focused on effective interaction, support of communication between failure, at all levels, on a single desire for change, on the acceptance of personal and group commitments.

We make a significant contribution to the quality of public life in our country and contribute to increasing the social responsibility of business.









Reduced costs

outsourcing accounting services allows you to save on wages, insurance and other deductions and the content of the workplace of the staff bookkeeping.

Understanding the specifics of business

We understand the specifics of doing business in Moscow and understand how to competently keep records in companies from different industries.

Financial organization

The service of outsourcing of accounting services provided by us guarantees timely delivered reliable accounts, reflected accrued payments in accordance with the accounting methodology.

Accumulated experience

The management of accounting due to a large base of professional knowledge and practical experience is a guarantee of high quality of service.

A responsibility

Guaranteed to compensate for possible losses in the event of errors in the accounting.

Management and organization of work

Bookkeeping due to effective resource management ensures continuity and control of the timely execution of all procedures.

In Bangladesh, the scope of accounting services plays a key part in supporting both internal financial matters and external affairs such as the government. ReportingTaxationAudit, BookkeepingAccounting ManualOperation ManualLiquidation, etc.

Accounting for start-ups or small business organizations can be a cumbersome process. Most of us do not understand the technical jargons the accountants speak.


Accounting Manual

Operation Manual


Financial Statement Preparation

Accounting Software

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Business Processing

Bookkeeping Services

Correct conduct of accounting should accompany any economic activity. Because only this ensures the correct conduct of all operations of the enterprise and you can evaluate the result of its operations. In addition, analyzing the accounting indicators, you can optimize the activities of the enterprise, and increase its profit margins in the future. At the same time, it is very important to organize accounting in order to avoid any mistakes and distortions, and it is most profitable to convert all current accounting indicators into benefits for your business.

Real Estate bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services for CPA Firms

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping Services for Large Corporations

Our company provides services for the organization and management of accounting at enterprises of various forms of ownership and volumes of activity. We will be able to fine-tune the accounting system for your enterprise, having previously assessed all the features of its activities, analyzing the scope and scope of work, labor costs, workflow, etc. Individual approach to each customer is the guarantee of the best organization of accounting for you, and our good reputation. After all, the activities of all enterprises (even within the same sphere) are different. And if you use standard solutions when organizing accounting at the enterprise, you can miss many significant points. We offer you such organization of accounting, which will be most suitable for your company,

In our work we are guided by the current legislation, norms and standards of accounting and financial reporting. Not the last place here is also the great experience and professionalism of our employees. We know exactly what an accounting organization should be in your company, and we will gladly tell you about it.

We at the best level organize for you the accounting of non-current assets (fixed assets, low-value assets, intangible assets); own capital; stocks; cash (in national and foreign currency, in cash and in bank accounts); settlements with buyers and suppliers; internal payments at the enterprise (in particular for wages or advance reports); and much more. We will develop a comprehensive accounting system, calculate the optimal number of employees in the accounting system, and write job descriptions for them. If necessary, we will also help you automate the maintenance of accounting, and introduce special software.

Turning to us, you will provide yourself with an effective and qualitative organization of accounting, which, in turn, will become a guarantee of your new profitable and prosperous economic activity. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!

Multi functional outsource service provider “Weprosys Ltd.” is a recognized leader in the market of legal and Bookkeeping services. The transition to a new format of service has transformed the company into a leading partner of the capital’s business. Dozens of entrepreneurs and commercial firms trust their own well-being and the future for specialists. Cloud technologies have made outsourcing a convenient tool for the development of commercial projects. The services of accountants and the best professional human rights defenders were available to firms throughout the city. You can get a consultation or a document at any time.

Strategy of success! Bookkeeping services in Dhaka

After many years of research, the center’s management has found the best option for cooperation with Global business. Weprosys Ltd. use of the virtual network capabilities allowed to reduce the cost of Bookkeeping services several times. The Internet has increased the scope of activities, and a clear system has ensured prompt service.

For the minimal payment the client receives a full-fledged support of authoritative experts. Reliable protection against risks is provided both in complex and partial outsourcing.

Only experienced professionals are involved in providing Bookkeeping services in Dhaka. The management of the center thoroughly checks:

-knowledge level;
-business reputation;
-ability to maintain sober thinking under stressful conditions.

The selection of personnel is very responsive. Work in the team of “Weprosys Ltd.” can only the best of the best. Each employee is a real expert, continuously improving his qualifications.

The team does not just provide Bookkeeping services. The key objective of the center is to create a favorable business environment. The success and well-being of the client is a matter of honor.

Result instead of promises! Guarantee of financial stability

Business partners receive only high-quality and professional services. Accountants, lawyers, analysts, tax advisers, economists and human resources inspectors – the key to successful problem solving is specialization.

A responsible approach to the formation of staff opens up wide opportunities. The package of legal and Bookkeeping services covers all areas. Employees of Weprosys Ltd. provide support in the most complex branches of economic activity.

No promises! Only 100% result!

Rendering of Bookkeeping services assumes:
full or partial outsourcing;
maintenance of personnel, tax, economic Bookkeeping;
drawing up of the reporting, including for the companies which have temporarily suspended work;
provision of Bookkeeping services during the audit period;
tax consulting;
carrying out audits and much more.
Specialists of the center organize restoration of Bookkeeping, eliminate system errors, and also provide internal control over the movement of values.

Accountant services in Dhaka are provided remotely. The modern approach significantly increases the level of confidentiality. Access to information is only a responsible employee, whose candidacies are approved by the client when signing the contract.

Comprehensive quality control!

“BDLC.” takes care of business reputation. The provision of Bookkeeping services in Dhaka is carried out in strict accordance with the current legislation of the Global Federation. Twice a year the management conducts a full audit of the system of work with clients. Each specialist passes certification, and the order of interaction is critically evaluated.

The cost of Bookkeeping services in Dhaka is regularly reviewed. The center keeps pace with the times! During periods of economic downturn, prices are decreasing, the subscriber package is being finalized. Regular partners receive large discounts.

Operational Manual Services

Operational manual is the guideline for conducting operational activities for internal member and employees of the organization. It provides standard guideline and job description regarding method of produce and serve a product and service to achieve a success with effectiveness and efficiency. It is established internally by the senior management of the organization or with the assists of hired consultant who are experienced in this field. It should be tested before final authorization at operational level and must be authorized by the board of directors. It can be changed partially and fully and change should be authorized by the board. It contains standard method of activities which ensure safety while producing and delivering business core products and services. The size and content of operational manual may vary depending on the size and nature of the business. It also depends on external environment such as government policies, culture, infrastructure, availability of the resources, economy of the  country, education, awareness, IT infrastructure and compliance of regulatory bodies where the business operate their activities.

An operational manual directs employees that regarding types of job, method of accomplish their job, how and where should report, hierarchy of the organization, kinds procedure require to be followed on an emergency or unusual situation which enables to archives organization goal by maintaining compliance and reputation. The content of the operational manual set up by the organization mentioning duties and responsibilities of the internal members and employees of the organization for the satisfaction of customers, general public, government and other stakeholder. It may contains rights and safety procedure of the internal members and employees.  The basic content of the operational manual are job description of employee and internal members, hierarchy of the organization, reporting methods, reporting authorities, methods of production, risk management policy including safety instruction, description of product and service of the organization, contact details and communication pattern, policy and position statement , emergency procedure, compliance requirement.

Liquidation Services

Liquidation usually happens when any company is facing insolvent which means it cannot pay its obligations and the dues and we, at BDLC ensure the same through providing Liquidation Services to our clients, both in the matters related to financial and legal. While company operations end, the remaining assets are used to pay creditors and shareholders, based on the priority of their claims. In short liquidation means the process which brings end to the business while distribute the assets to claimants. In any bankrupt business it no longer exists once the liquidation process is complete. The liquidation can also refer to the process of selling off inventory, usually at steep discounts. Company liquidation can bring both advantage and disadvantage. Disadvantage may describe as to sell the property or anything to pay the creditors. Also, the advantage of liquidation leads to seek business opportunities in other areas after the liquidation.

There are many types of liquidation exists which are Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation – for companies with debts Members’ Voluntary Liquidation – for companies with no debts, Compulsory Liquidation – winding-up order issued by a court, Official Liquidation, Provisional Liquidation.

These are explained as follows:

Voluntary Liquidation

This particular Liquidation is started by resolution of the company’s Directors and then its Shareholders. The Voluntary Liquidation takes one of two forms depending on the solvency of the company.  Every solvent companies must require a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL). Also, every insolvent companies must require a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL).

Members Voluntary Liquidation

A Members Voluntary Liquidation is also known as (MVL). This is a formal way to wind up a solvent company. A Members Voluntary Liquidation always requires the company to be able to pay all of its debts and that all tax lodgments are up to date.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is also known as (CVL). If anyone’s company is insolvent (can’t pay its’ debts when they fall due) then it needs a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL). 

Official Liquidation

Official liquidation is otherwise called a court liquidation.  In this liquidation bank of the organization applies to court to compel the account holder organization into liquidation. The whole procedure is to do protracted and can be generally costly for the bank. This also includes the loan of serving a statutory demand on the organization to pay an obligation compatible of the corporation act. In the event that the organization neglects to pay the cash requested in the statutory demand the loan boss at that point makes an application to the court to have the organization warped up.

Provisional Liquidation

There must be a possibility of which will occur that an applicant can go to the court while requesting for a provisional liquidator to protect the asset. When this situation arise the role of provisional liquidator is to safeguard and protect the asset also assesses the overall position of the company. And lastly take the recommends to the court for an appropriate outcome or any new resolution.  

Liquidation Procedure in Nutshell

While in liquidation a liquidator has some works to do which are: 

  • Realizing the assets: A liquidator must work for insolvent company and achieving the best possible price while needed.
  • Address outstanding claims: This is against the limited company and satisfy the claims as set-out by law following the rules and regulation of the country.
  • Distributing the returns: A liquidator must organize and work diligently to the while setting up the order of priority.
  • Acting in the best interests: They must have to work for the creditors (not the directors).
  • Maximizing the return for creditors: Also find the possible way to maximize the return for creditor as soon as possible.

BDLC ASSOCIATES | Most Preferred Liquidator in Bangladesh

In the liquidation process the director is one the most important persons while it comes to take the decision of liquidation is concerned. Before the bankruptcy or liquidation, the executive or the director thinks from the perspective on the investors, what might profit them the most and what might give them greatest income and returns. 

While BDLC Liquidator team kept up and work persistently for the leaser to kept up the liquidation to the loan boss at the earliest opportunity. An outlet consistently needs to remembered is that once the liquidation procedure starts, the goals of the organization will change. While prior the organization was moving with the target of winning greatest benefits now the goal is to take care of the vast majority of the obligations. 

BDLC Legal has professional team which works responsibly for the clients in liquidation process.

Meanwhile in this situation the director from the company or entity will stand as a suspended one. And the overall power will go down to the lawmaker of the country. BDLC liquidation team always follow the rules and regulations while maintain the liquidation process overall.

Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Accounting software a program that is used by accounting firms to perform various accounting and bookkeeping functions. These software store financial data for a company and are also used for conducting business transactions. Accounting software is used as a counting information system and is critical to the proper management of an organization. In General, Different Accounting Software is used by Accounting Firms to help companies to utilize the resources efficiently and to conduct various accounting functions such as invoicing, bill payment, monitory reports, payrolls, etc. Accountants use this software to record the money flow for internal and external auditing and review. Different types of Accounting software perform several functions depending on its type. The three major types of accounting software used by accounting firms are Data Base, Installed and cloud Accounting Software.

Database Accounting Software

The database system is mostly used by large corporations. This type of software can perform business operations, more complex activities, a wide network, and difficult accounting functions more efficiently.

Installed Accounting Software

Installed Accounting Software can be installed on the laptops or desktops with the help od a CD or any other method. This software is mostly used by small to medium-sized enterprises for conducting accounting functions. 

Cloud Accounting Software

This Software is available online and can be accessed through the cloud or internet. These software’s are comparatively less expensive and more convenient to use as data is available online and can be used anywhere. Some examples of cloud software are ERP, Sage, QuickBooks, Tally.  This cloud accounting software’s are discussed below:

ERP Accounting Software: 

ERP or Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software accounting firm used to handle daily business activities like project management, compliance, accounting, supply chain operations, etc. ERP systems are designed around a single, specified data structure that helps ensures that the content used across the enterprise is consistent and based on common concepts and user experience. ERP software includes enterprise performance management which assists in planning, budgeting, predicting, and reporting on financial results of a company or organization. ERP holds a huge value to the accounting firms due to its huge advantages like lower operational cost, efficiency, improved business insight, enhanced operational costs, risk reduction, and so on. 

There are 3 Major Accounting Software’s

The Benefits of ERP Accounting Software:

  • ERP accounting system boosts efficiency by reducing manually entering information.
  • Provides accurate forecast by giving the necessary tools and resources to the users.
  • Assists in giving improved business insight generated by reports.
  • ERP Software saves time by enhancing productivity.
  • Collaboration is another benefit of utilizing ERP software.
  • ERP software has lower operational costs.
Sage Accounting Software: 

Sage accounting software simplifies and facilitates a wide range of accounting tasks, enabling accountants to work faster and more precisely. It is a computerized package that facilities processing financial information. It can be used for anything from the easiest work to sophisticated financial services administration. Sage Accounting Software assists in managing business-related accounting operations which includes handling payrolls, evaluating taxes, and controlling numerous transactions. There are different Sage Accounting Software’s such as Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Sage 30cloud Accounting, Sage 200, Fix Asset, Sage Payroll, etc. 

Benefits of Sage Accounting Software are:

  • Sage accounting systems are fast and reliable which makes them cost-effective than paper-based accounting.
  • It makes transactions process much easier than manual accountancy.
  • Sage accounting system Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • The Data entry process quick which makes it less time-consuming.
QuickBooks Accounting Software: 

QuickBooks is a well-known small business accounting software that accounting firms use in order to control the income and expenses of an organization. QuickBooks are beneficial for managing invoices, paying bills, tracking the cash flow of the business, etc. In addition to this, Accountants make use of QuickBooks software to conduct billing and invoicing, expense management, financial reporting. 

Benefits of QuickBooks Accounting software: 
  • QuickBooks helps to keep track of bills and expenses.
  • Managing sales and Income by creating invoices to track sales.
  • Access to several reports (Profit and loss, Balance Report, Statement of cash flow) by managing cash inflow, and outflow activities.
  • QuickBooks assists to calculate and run payroll as many times as needed.
  • QuickBooks automatically track and update the inventory.
  • QuickBooks software makes management of accounting and taxes easier.
Tally Accounting Software:

Tally accounting system that serves mainly from small to medium-sized businesses across a range of sectors. Accounting firms use a tally accountant system to track and manage accounts, debts, sales, and others necessary for running a business.  Accountants use Tally accounting software because it provides business functionality, including accounting, finance, inventory, sales, purchase, point of sale, manufacturing, Payroll, labor cost, branch management, etc. 

Benefits of Tally Accounting Software:

  • Tally Accounting Software’s ensures smooth banking system.
  • Provides an effective Payroll management system.
  • It provides data reliability and security.
  • Gives Instant access to record.
  • Tally software’s assists in conducting regular audits for companies.
  • The advanced feature of Tally Accounting software makes tracking of information’s of multiple locations easier

CPA Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

An Accounting firm is a company or an entity that is specialized in accounting related services for individuals or organizations. An accounting firm assists in auditing, preparing accounts, filing a return, conducting Internal audits, income tax assessment work, preparing documents, consultancy services, etc. An accounting firm provides decision-makers with information on recent financial operations, as well as valuable knowledge and guidelines for predicting future events. These Accounting firms usually hire CPA or Certified Public Accountants who are experts in the field of tax, audit, management, and consulting. 

Certified Public Accountant known as CPA is a professional financial planner who helps individuals, corporations and other organizations prepare and achieve their financial objectives. CPAs mainly works at both small and large public accounting firms. They are well-reputed business consultants who assist the clients in making decisions on different matters, such as taxation, Auditing, Accounting, and financial management.

In a general view, all CPAs are accountants but all accountants are not CPAs. The major difference between a CPA and an Accountant lies in the educational qualification and experience. A CPA can do two things that an accountant without a CPA license cannot do which is to Prepare audited or reviewed financial statements and file a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In addition to this, A CPA holds a valid license to report on the company’s financial statements in compliance with commonly accepted accounting principles. 

Certified public accounting firms offer various services such as accounting, auditing, financial and advisory services to consumers, business owners, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. 

Services Provided by CPA firms:

CPA Firms usually provide 2 types of services, these are Attestation Services and Non-Attestation services. 

Attestation services include Audits, Reviews, and Compilations. Non-Attestation Services are Internal Audit, Internal Control Design, Tax Services, Management, and Business Consulting, and additional services. 


CPA Firms can assist its clients in different forms of auditing. The audit is conducted in order to verify companies’ financial reports so that the reports come out correctly. The evaluation is done by observation, clarification, and having a conversation with the management. Every company is required to have an annual audit and a CPA can assist in doing this task efficiently.


A CPA can review the company’s books and records through the results of analytical evaluations, certain analytical procedures, and the measurement of certain financial metrics and ratios. The review is a lesser form of Auditing which is intended to provide the client with fair assurance, rather than the comprehensive verification and reporting standards provided by the Audit. Reviews also include a statement of changes in a financial position and detailed footnotes.


The compilation is a type of attestation service provided by a CPA. The compilation is where the CPA merely compiles the company’s books and documents without any formal processes, independent review, or clarification of the balance of the business. The compilation does not require any kind of verification of account balances or statements of profit/loss as it is a mere representation of the company’s management.

Internal Audit:

Internal audits are a preliminary stage to detect any errors and fix them. A CPA can assist provide service to an organization to achieve its objectives by implementing a systematic, disciplined approach to assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management and governance processes. 

Internal controls:

Certified public accounting firms also offer service of Internal Control Design. Internal control (IC) is basically an in-house strategy adopted by an entity to be able to screen through and possibly reduce the risk of misrepresentation by inclusion or exclusion of any policies/procedures/actions.

Tax Services: 

A main service area for the CPA is to file tax returns to guide clients’ tax approaches. A CPA can offer to assist in the client’s tax planning and preparing strategies to minimize tax liabilities, tax returns, and assist clients to comply with tax laws and regulations. Accounting firms provide service to organizations and individuals to minimize their tax obligations.  

Consulting Services: 

CPA also provides consultation services to the client on different financial matters and a variety of consultancy activities. This includes advising on the adequacy of the control system, outlining potential strategic alternatives, developing cash flow models, securing financing, advising on mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, providing business valuations, etc.

Certified public accounting firms also help to resolve other financial matters related to Bankruptcy and insolvency reorganizations, professional liability claims.

Finance & Accounting Services

Accounting is a complex, complicated labyrinth of knowledge. In this labyrinth of knowledge, there are many contradictory opinions and disputes. The exit from this labyrinth is an easy balance, low taxes, the absence of additional taxes, the absence of fines, and the absence of state extortionists. You can independently walk through this labyrinth, long and with great losses making its way to the exit.    You can hire an accountant from us

The peculiarity of doing business is that workers may be required to organize the production process, which does not bring income. For example, a staff chief accountant only requires financial expenses for its maintenance, and at the same time, there is no actual profit from its activities. However, it must be remembered that without proper accounting, the company simply will not be able to function.

At the same time, it turns out; there is a very real alternative that allows an enterprise not only to save money, but also to get some benefit in terms of increasing free time resources. This alternative is accounting outsourcing, outsourcing of accounting services. If you look at the economic dictionary, you can find that the modern interpretation of the term “Outsourcing” sounds like the transfer of traditional functions of the enterprise to external executors, for example, specialized companies that professionally carry out accounting. The main goal, which is achieved with the hiring of professional specialized subcontractors – is to increase the indicator of reliability and business efficiency.

Owing to the fact that high-level professional specialists work in outsourcing companies, it is possible to eliminate all errors in accounting, reduce the risks associated with taxation, and, thereby, improve the reliability of accounting as such. Qualitative accounting service is the guarantee of successful work of the enterprise. In the list of services that can be transferred to professional accounting services to outside organizations, there is not only accounting. For example, a client enterprise can order an outsourcing contractor to analyze the conduct of financial and economic activities, and then optimize the tax burden, or ask for a transfer to another tax system and so on.

Responsibility for all possible errors in the services rendered falls entirely on the employees of the outsourced specialized organization. If even the liability is limited by the term of the contract, it still does not end with its termination. The outsourcing organization is fully responsible for the accounting and tax reporting and actions taken during the period of the contract’s eligibility, even after the contract expires. To ensure that the organization or restoration of accounting has gone smoothly, the process must deal with professionals. The enterprise-customer (or entrepreneur) is fully insured against possible misunderstandings related to errors in the conduct of accounting and tax accounting. Errors in the work of an outsourced specialized organization are extremely rare,o

Our accounting outsourcing noticeably and favorably differs from most other companies:

Online Accounting –

Increase the mobility of your company’s employees, reduce your costs

Online Services –

Operational accounting, tax, personnel accounting in real time

Remote server –

A unified information environment for management and other data with the ability to manage customer relations and trade through 1C, protect your data from loss, daily backups

Confidentiality –

A personal approach to the client, access is distributed over the sections of the accounting records, limited access is limited

Of course, we have the best specialists; work for them is not a burden, but a pleasure in the realization of their knowledge. Our team of experts is the Internet community, the minimum time lost in the chain task-Internet readiness, the best organization of free work of the best accounting professionals.

Accounting services

Features of accounting services today

Today almost every person can afford to open their own business, which will be beneficial. This became possible due to all the processes that occur in the economic life of our country. Now any person, be it a property division lawyer, or an auto mechanic with unique abilities, can open his own business and start developing it in the way that he sees this process.

Of course, not everyone can imagine the whole way of development of the enterprise from the registration of a legal entity and to its liquidation in connection with any problems. Not all novice businessmen can also imagine the amount of personnel that will be needed. And this is quite obvious in the event that such an expert refers himself to technical workers.

It is because of this ignorance that a large number of enterprises are closed. In fact, if there is a competent accountant in the company, then it is simply not wise to be afraid of various checks. This can only be relevant if the accountant simply does not exist, and his function is performed by a secretary, manager or any other employee. Fortunately, today it is possible to organize the maintenance of your company by an accountant even without direct presence in the office. This may seem surprising, but the development of cloud technologies now allows you to even prepare all accounting documents on the Internet. This method is very convenient, because you can hire a specialist who will work remotely.

Do not doubt that all these documents will be absolutely correctly composed, because the service used implies the presence of a large number of standard forms. As a result of such simplifications, it is becoming easier and easier to conduct business, which contributes to the development of new companies. As is known, it is the development of a large number of small enterprises that moves our economy forward and allows us to increase the volume of GDP, which depends entirely on the number of products produced by all economic entities. No wonder that the leaders of our country resolve such unique innovations that really facilitate the whole process of doing business. Do not forget that it is not necessary to hire your staff accountant; our company is ready to prepare all accounting documents promptly and cheaper than one accountant.

Accounting services are cheaper than one accountant:

accounting services, accounting support operational accounting services including accounting, tax accounting, inventory management and personnel accounting in real time online;

Operational preparation and printing of primary documents on a printer in your office or anywhere on the planet;

Online payment through the Internet bank and control of costs on your mobile phone;

Prompt input of large arrays of primary documents;

Operative electronic delivery of tax and accounting reports to the Tax inspectorate, FIU, FSS.

Operational control of the tax and accounting statements submitted, personal accounts on settlements with the budget for taxes;

Prompt assistance to your accountant on accounting of any sections of the working chart of accounts, on the preparation of financial statements.

Our accounting services and support includes:

Maintaining (restoring) accounting:

-Accounting of authorized capital;

-The account of bank operations;

-Accounting for cash transactions;

-Accounting for settlements with suppliers;

-Accounting for settlements with customers;

-Accounting of fixed assets;

-Accounting for goods and materials;

-Accounting for costs of production and output of finished products;

-Accounting for depreciation of fixed assets;

-Accounting for the use of material resources;

-Accounting for labor costs;

-Accounting for future expenses;

-Accounting of costs for payment of bank loans;

-Accounting for the output of finished products;

-Accounting for the sale of finished products;

-Accounting for financial results;

-Formation of books of accounting:

-Book of purchases;

-Book of sales;

-The register of invoices issued;

-A register of received invoices;

-Cash book;

-Cashier’s report;

-Settlement and payroll;

-Book of income and expenses;

-Cards on income accounting and personal income tax;

-Insurance premium account cards;

-Preparation of accounting and tax reporting:

-Accounting reporting (balance sheet, profit and loss account, etc.);

-Tax reporting;

-Reports to funds;

-Submission of accounting and tax reporting to the IFNS:

-Delivery of accounting reports through the Internet-accounts department;

-Submission of tax reports;

-Delivery of certificates of income PL;

-Filing in FUNDS:

-Personalized accounting;

-Submission of reports to the Authority;

-Protection during inspections:

-A desk check in the IFNS;

-A desk audit in the fund;

-Field inspection at the enterprise;


-Changes in legislation;

-Definition of taxable base;

-Minimization of taxes;

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