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high qualifications and rich experience of the BDLC Legal and Associates Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm’s lawyers, who advise on leading global brands and major technology companies on a wide range of specialized issues, our practice on intellectual property and information technology has earned a reputation as one of the leading in the CIS.

We provide comprehensive legal support during the registration, transfer, use and protection of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, inventions, copyrights, domain names, etc. We carry out due diligence of intellectual property, prepare draft contractual documentation, participate in transaction negotiations, and protect the intellectual property rights of clients in patent offices, customs and law enforcement agencies, courts and international commercial arbitration.

The BDLC Legal and Associates Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm advises on regulatory issues in the field of information technology, media, telecommunications and the Internet, including the protection of personal data, trade secrets and the implementation of cryptographic activities, as well as related criminal and other risks. In addition, our lawyers represent clients in matters of protecting business reputation and adhering to advertising laws.

The lawyers of the BDLC Legal and Associates Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm cooperate with state patent offices and antitrust authorities, participate in the development of legislation and the activities of relevant committees of business associations.

Legal assistance
We provide legal assistance in such matters as:

representation of interests in litigation, protection of rights to intellectual property;
countering the production and import of counterfeit products, the development and implementation of anti-piracy programs on a national and international scale;
advising on the transfer of rights to intellectual property under licensing, franchising and other agreements; transaction support, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures;
advice on doing business through the Internet, including electronic commerce, protecting the rights of domain name owners, countering cybersquatting and other violations on the Internet;
consultation on issues related to the development, implementation and certification of software, licensing of cryptographic activities;
protection of the rights of subjects and operators of personal data; advising on the collection, processing, localization and cross-border transfer of personal data, as well as on other issues related to the protection of information and privacy;
Representation of interests in law enforcement agencies in criminal cases related to violation of intellectual property rights, confidentiality issues, as well as violation of the law on the provision of cryptographic services;
registration of trademarks and other industrial property objects;
consulting in the field of innovative technologies, including on blockchain technology;
advising on licensing and registration of television channels, telecom operators, the media.

“A strong team that is highly regarded in the area of ​​resolving intellectual property rights disputes

“Unrivaled mastery in court”, “deep knowledge of Bangladeshi law” and “effective and efficient work ”

A well-established firm provides practical and practical advice. Marked “brilliant skills of lawyers in solving problems.”

“The team is described as“ efficient, able to work in different jurisdictions ”
“Outstanding cross-border opportunities of the Bureau” : due to its presence in the CIS countries, London and Washington, the Bureau has the ability to “provide a full range of services to international brands”

“The firm provides a“ coherent and responsive response and a commercial approach . ” “Consultations are clear, well-written and practical”

BDLC Associates Services:


Tax Advisory:

Intellectual Property:

Foreign Entity:


Dispute Resolution:

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Regulatory issues:

Private clients:

Deed Writing:

  • Conveyance/Sale Deed
  • Deed of Heba
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Irrevocable Power of Attorney
  • Cancellation Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Agreement
  • Baina Deed
  • Partition-Instrument/ Deed of Partition
  • Deed of Partnership

Withdrawal Docs:

  • Baya Deed
  • Porcha
  • Map
  • NOC


  • Land Mutation
  • Rajuk Mutation
  • City Corporation Mutation

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