BDLClegal Defamation or Business reputation protection Legal service firm in Bangladesh

Defamation or Business reputation protection Legal service in Bangladesh

BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm effectively apply the full range of legal measures to protect the honor, dignity and business reputation of principals. An essential role in this is played by the ability to correctly build and clearly implement a defense strategy.

The judicial element in such cases is usually only one of the options. Moreover, in some cases, suing is a strategic mistake that opponents will not fail to take advantage of.

We always try to find a way out of the most delicate situation. In close cooperation with PR agencies, we represent the full range of legal support at the pre-trial stage, in the process and after consideration of a case in court. The BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm has well-established trustee protection techniques that have proven their high efficiency.

One of our advantages is a high percentage of settlement agreements. This is beneficial: a positive result has been achieved, the negative aspects of the conflict have not received wide publicity (unless the latter is specifically required) and in the hands of the principal is an instrument of influence that can be used in the future.

Another advantage of the BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm is the ability to effectively build a reputation protection strategy abroad. This requires the ability to choose the right jurisdiction to sue (in the case of publications aimed at an international audience) and established relationships with the best foreign reputation protection consultants.

Legal assistance

Legal assistance provided by the BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm:

representation of interests of principals in courts, as well as dispute support abroad;
assessment of defamatory publications in terms of the possibility of criminal prosecution of an opponent;
current legal support of the PR department of the principal: operational analysis of the publications forwarded for the prospects of applying legal response measures;
the introduction of an effective system of proactive defense: the creation of a mechanism to counter the “black PR”, which will allow you to quickly and adequately respond to publications both at the national and international levels;
identification of events and circumstances in the business world that may become informational reasons for creating a positive image of the principal;
tracking and, as far as possible, preventing the emergence of negative informational occasions in the media;
legal support in the event of an information crisis – assistance in creating and implementing a crisis communications plan;
legal assistance in preparing responses to media inquiries.

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