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BDLC Legal and Associates Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm Lawyers of our practice provide legal advice to investment and commercial banks, institutional investors, state bodies, local governments, state enterprises and organizations and other participants in transactions in capital markets and in the banking sector, including lenders and borrowers, financial advisors, issuers of securities , guarantors and guarantors, organizers and underwriters. We offer comprehensive support for transactions to raise equity and debt capital, as well as other operations related to raising finance, investment projects and debt restructuring.

We have the skills in the field of international, sovereign and private financing, we accompany transactions at all stages. We participate in IPO projects, including preparing a prospectus, conducting due diligence, and writing legal opinions on issues of national law.

Bangladesh Bank is the main regulatory body of the country’s monetary and financial system, and such is the authority that regulates banking and financial legal services in Bangladesh. It was established on 16th December 1971, through the Bangladesh Bank Order 1972- President’s Order No. 127 of 1972 (Amended in 2003). The Chief Executive Officer of this monumental institution is also as the Governor.

The main functions are –

formulation and implementation of foreign exchange policy;
to hold and manage the official foreign reserves of Bangladesh;
authority for issuing of Taka;
supervising authority for banks and other financial institutions
BB is regulated by several laws, regulations and guidelines which compliment it to perform its duties in relation to the monetary and fiscal system of the economy. Some of these laws are cited below-
– Bangladesh Bank Order 1972;
– Bank Company Act 1991
– Bank Company (Amendment) Act 2013
– Negotiable Instrument Act 1881
– The Bankers’ Book Evidence Act 1891
– Foreign Exchange Regulations Act 1947
– Foreign Exchange Regulations (Amendment) Act 2015
– Financial Institutions Act 1993
– Financial Reporting Act 2015
– Money Loan Court Act 2003
– Money Laundering Prevention Act,2012
– Money Laundering Prevention (Amendment) Act, 2015
– Anti-terrorism Act, 2009

The team of lawyers of the BDLC Legal and Associates Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm has extensive experience in advising on currency control, currency regulation and licensing in the field of banking and activities in the financial services and securities market in Bangladesh.

Our experts advise financial institutions, insurers, investment companies on a wide range of issues, including regarding changes in the legislative regulation of the industry, problems of capital and liquidity.

We are aimed at providing practical and relevant recommendations, solving complex, complex tasks.

Having experience unique to the Bangladeshi market , we support private pension funds and banks on a wide range of debt products, providing legal assistance in debt restructuring and cross-border financing.

We accompany international financial transactions, including in the field of syndicated lending, project and trade finance, having experience working on different sides in such transactions.

The BDLC Legal and Associates Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm’s team of lawyers was at the origins of the securitization market in Bangladesh and participated in the preparation and adoption of the most important laws governing this area.

In Bangladesh, we offer comprehensive support for transactions to raise equity and debt capital, as well as other operations related to raising finance, investment projects and debt restructuring.

Our Minsk team has experience in supporting various investment and financial projects, including advising on attracting and placing investments, obtaining loans from foreign banks, including structural financing, advising in the field of securities and the functioning of the stock market, including issues of issuance valuable papers.

Legal assistance:

In Bangladesh, we provide legal assistance in such matters as:

public (IPO, SPO) and private placement of shares;
secularization of financial assets;
derivatives and repo transactions;
creation of stock exchange bond programs;
issues of secured bonds and structured bonds;
offers of foreign securities in Bangladesh;
transactions on attracting syndicated and bilateral loans, including transactions on secured and project financing, financing of corporate acquisitions;
debt restructuring;
support of international financial transactions, including transactions in the field of syndicated lending, representing interests both on the side of lenders and borrowers.
Our services in Bangladesh include the provision of advice and support:

transactions regarding public and private placement of securities (IPO)
transactions with bonds in the primary and secondary markets;
transactions on syndicated and bilateral lending, including support of transactions on secured financing, financing of corporate acquisitions, project financing;
debt restructuring;
transactions with derivative financial instruments (futures and forward contracts, options and swaps) and structured products;
consultations on various issues of licensing and currency regulation.


“Developing useful and creative solutions”

“A very reliable business partner who is well acquainted with the legislation in the field of capital markets. He is well versed in innovations and copes with difficult tasks. ”

“Excellent consultants able to cope with innovative projects”

“Excellent understanding of the specifics of work and focus on the result”, “providing the most optimal solution for the further development of the project”
“A very active team working on Russian securitization transactions”

“Excellent knowledge of the market, professionalism and attention to detail”

“A very strong banking team that is valued for its competence in international, public and private financing” “An excellent team in the field of capital markets”

“Practice is recommended for“ in-depth knowledge of Russian law in relation to various types of transactions, as well as knowledge of regulatory aspects and other financial issues, including those related to debt repayment ”

“A detailed knowledge of the law helps the principals of the bureau achieve their goals,” and “a comprehensive assessment of the legal consequences – make the right decisions”

“One of the leading law firms in Bangladesh in the field of securitization”

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  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Irrevocable Power of Attorney
  • Cancellation Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Agreement
  • Baina Deed
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