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Litigation and arbitration practice of BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm Lawfully holds leading positions in all the most authoritative ratings. Practice lawyers accompany the most complex and large-scale disputes in Bangladesh, as well as participate in cross-border proceedings involving many jurisdictions.

The procedure of ADR consists of arbitration, mediation, negotiation and conciliation which are the most common features of ADR in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh has introduced the following acts for the effective application of ADR procedure for dispensing the contentious matters outside the court:

The Arbitration Act 2001 (Act no I of 2001)
Insertion section89A, 89B and 89C in the CPC as the mechanism of ADR to dispose the pending civil cases.

The team of lawyers of the court’s arbitration practice successfully protects the rights and legitimate interests of clients in Local and international jurisdictions. We provide legal support in terms of accompanying and assessing the prospects of court and arbitration cases, advising both foreign clients on the application of the laws of local business in terms of interaction with foreign partners.

Our team has experience in successfully managing the interests of major companies in complex cross-border disputes and often acts as their global coordinator. Many legal cases have become precedent, having qualitatively changed the mode of doing business in a certain area in a direction favorable for our clients.

Key areas of our business are:

commercial disputes;
disputes involving monopolies, state bodies and state corporations;
corporate disputes;
disputes regarding the protection of business reputation;
disputes over the protection of intellectual property rights;
disputes in the fuel and energy sector, real estate, construction and insurance;
investment, tax and antitrust disputes;
disputes related to debt collection and defaults on bonds;
and other types of disputes.
In Bangladesh, we have significant experience representing our clients in the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Arbitration Court, the Supreme Court, lower courts, quasi-judicial, patent, customs and antitrust authorities.

Our team also has successful experience in protecting the interests of clients in the courts Bangladesh.

We strive not only to win the case in court, but also to ensure the real execution of the court decision. Our experts inform clients not only about the legal prospects of a lawsuit, but also about the likelihood of actually receiving awarded money or property. our indicator on really executed court decisions is one of the highest.

The high competence of the BDLC Legal and Associates, Bangladesh Legal Consulting firm in resolving arbitration disputes is recognized both locally and international.

Legal assistance:

We provide legal assistance in such matters as:
litigation risk analysis;developing a business strategy; development of a legal position in a judicial dispute, preparation of an opinion on a legal position;
collection of necessary evidence, preparation of statements of claim, complaints, petitions and other procedural documents;
representation of clients at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
enforcement of court decisions in enforcement proceedings;
enforcement of decisions of foreign state courts and international arbitrations;
preparation and conclusion of amicable agreements;
assistance in administrative investigations and procedures;
coordination and coordination of client actions in parallel litigations in several jurisdictions.


“Truly a stellar team. Lawyers are focused on achieving results for the client, they do not give false promises ”

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“Strong market position, impeccable reputation, and deep knowledge in litigation”

Unrivaled Dispute Resolution Lawyers

“Customer-oriented approach and overcoming all obstacles”

“Lawyers are smart, creative and competent, accompanying truly unique disputes that can change existing practices”

Practice provides provides “timely recommendations for solving the most complex problems”

“The company is known for its excellent team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the entire spectrum of litigation matters”

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  • Conveyance/Sale Deed
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  • Cancellation Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
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  • Baina Deed
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  • Land Mutation
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