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PRACTICE: Bankruptcy law is an area filled with complex legal content, which implies the participation of professionals specializing in this area. The highlighted bankruptcy practice compares favorably with BDLC Legal and Associates Law Firm from other law firms. In recent years, the BDLC Legal and Associates lawyers have been involved in more than litigation related to bankruptcy cases.

Employees of the BDLC Legal and Associates took part in supporting bankruptcy proceedings, both on the part of creditors and debtors and arbitration managers, including the Deposit Insurance Agency. Our many years of experience shows that for the return of assets to creditors it is not enough to count on the conscientious performance of their duties by arbitration managers. Only independent active protection can contribute to a real return of funds.

Attracting specialists to protect the interests of persons participating in the bankruptcy case allows us to solve the necessary problems in time, taking into account the numerous legal conflicts contained in the Law and specified only at the level of judicial practice.

To date, the BDLC Legal and Associates lawyers have formed an extensive law enforcement practice, many options have been developed to counter unscrupulous debtors and protect the interests of persons involved in bankruptcy proceedings, document templates have been formed that allow you to quickly respond to any changes in bankruptcy procedures and save the client’s time.

Almost every bankruptcy case that we accompany goes far beyond the scope of the arbitration process. The tasks of each such project include: unraveling the schemes by which cash or other assets of the debtor were withdrawn; contesting doubtful transactions concluded by the debtor in a pre-bankrupt state; holding managers, owners of the debtor accountable; and other steps.

BDLC Legal and Associates also has unique experience in preventing the bankruptcy of strategic enterprises and their financial recovery.

Legal assistance:

Legal remedies that may be taken by BDLC Legal and Associates specialists include, but are not limited to, the following:

preparation and filing of an application for declaring a debtor bankrupt;
inclusion in the register of claims of creditors of the debtor;
contesting claims of dishonest creditors;
participation in meetings / committees of creditors;
objections to the analysis of the financial condition of the debtor, the conclusion that there are no signs of intentional bankruptcy;
filing with the law enforcement authorities a crime in connection with bankruptcy proceedings.


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